Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ready Steady Cook: Now on blogspot!


So I finally convinced myself to sit down and write out all my recipes for the Ready Steady Cook challenge, hosted by Hila at Add to Taste. It's not that i don't want to type out my recipes, it's that i had some severe issues uploading the post to my Tumblr page, which resulted in everything being badly formatted and later, lost.

I'd pretty much given up, until yesterday, when i realised that it's too close to the closing date to give up. I'd already put so much love into my little dishes and i couldn't bear the thought of it all being for nothing. Also, i must admit that the prizes are more than enough to inspire action! Somehow, Hila has managed to get Yuppiechef, EatIn Magazine, Pepenero Restaurant AND Ruth Prowse on board. Need i say more?

So I'm finally doing it. And hopefully someone will like my food enough to acknowledge it. I don't need prizes, just followers. Especially since this is my first blogspot post and i probably need a readership to be noticed!

The menu to follow: Deceptively Italian Mushroom Wontons with a Basilly Napolitana-esque SauceLuxurious Free-Form Lasagna with Garlic Bechamel, and Sweet Dough Tartlets with Chocolate Orange Creme Patissiere.

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